Aragon/Giveth DAC Meeting

June 5th 2018
Attending: Quazia, Vojtech, Lorelei, Griff, Maria, Derek, Tatu, Brett, Kris, Jorge, Luis, Pierre, RJ, Alexa, Jordi, John

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Building the Aragon DAC doc

Goal: to use software platform (Giveth), that just released beta, for Aragon DAC. To track all funding visibly. Aragon has accepted a nest grant for giveth to fund the creation of this. Delegate system: Griff volunteers to be delegate starting out, hopes to be replaced soon by an app. Most funds would go first to a delegate and then dished to campaigns. We have no formal legal entity so we would use aragon as such. We are curious to ask how you guys approach when someone wants a tax id number for their work! Aragon: usually people are contractors, Aragon One has a tax number that people invoice to. We only pay in crypto. Possible to say the DAC contractors are contractors to the foundation, but it would be clunky. Any person should have a way to invoice, whether self-employed or contracted.

2 Initial campaigns under the DAC: Labs - Luke and Griff Development - Quazia and Kris It will be a group effort with opportunities to contribute, but these are the only four that initially need to set time aside for this project. Quazia - during remaining time in his work on nest grant, will be focusing on finding great people to delegate this work to, scaling to a larger team

What's our Comms plan? - How much do we want to promote this? We want to make sure the two teams are very aligned and synchronized with any posts. Upon donation we will right away start this process. We need to decide if we will coordinate thru verbal communication and meetings or tools. And decide which those will be. Lots of agreement to this point.

These are just the first two campaigns. As people see the Aragon DAC in action there will be more emerging. The DAC will find itself interacting more and more with users. Bug bounty security.

Development campaign: the more user facing side. While we are now in a part of that roadmap that doesn't currently support interaction with users, we need to always hold that as the goal, we will work with the onboarding of users in mind. 2 ways to approach user-facing side(keeping in mind we will only scale to a team of 5 or 6 ppl): 1. implementing features 2. support and maintenance

Development team is very open to opinions and proposals for this.

We can think of it as 3 types: user-user, user-developer, user-support

There is a "Labs" already, perhaps we should rename: soft research, user labs, on the ground, we want to be supporting the ground level person to person donations, this can be difficult in the realm of soft research.

Building DAOs series - can we get involved? We have a video with DApp university coming up Assumed Giveth will be doing some comms for Aragon Long term goal should be to convert nest to giveth system, but for now if it aint broke don't fix it! Approach for dev team: very little top down control on what they should be deving, stay adaptable to all needs that arise from within and from users

G: Salaries, bounties, reward dao, milestones. We want to stay open to onboarding ppl from the community, reward dao and bounties are great tools for this. The exact organizational structure will solidify as people come in. Q: For the most part it will be salary once people are onboarded, but reward dao and bounties are useful for hiring process.

We can't rely on eth being 500 for the next few months, so we should get a solid amount (700 eth proposed) that would sit in the DACs or a multisig until disbursement. So that we don't have to do a lot of transactions when eth volatility affects paying people. The way we do this in Giveth safely: a 4 of 7 multisig that keeps the funds locked or can release them, with a security guard as an extra measure. Expecting this campaign will use ANT and DAI. ETH is spendable and ANT is holdable. Festing ENT for longterm commitment from DAC to Aragon, might want to give ANT bonuses to contributors. At this point milestones only support one token, how do we make sure people can be sent those other tokens?

Legal team in case anything happens? Foundation able to back legal expenses. This is an idea we need to develop. Main goal of legal asscs is to limit personal responsibility if something happens. We need to work around personal liability. This legal fund would answer to that. Another option is create a shield association. This system will probably be scalable to all giveth too, once we create the format be able to copy and adapt to other groups.


Jordi - we need lots of communication, it is the best guarantee that this project will succeed in the future

Brett - excited! User facing is great! Being scrapy and making changes is cool! How exactly do we collaborate? I believe it will happen organically.

John - if we stay flexible we will be good.

Jorge - aragon one has been focused on core technology but a new focus on users is exciting, and having a good feedback loop with aragon one.

Luis - we need to lay down goals, a month from now starting this flow. Long live the Aragon DAC!

Pierre - im excited!

Kris - inspirational. tools are easy with a decentralized system. it will be good to keep a biweekyl meeting and stream it or invite people to join it.

Vojtech - its becoming much more clear what we are doing here. aragon is the best possible for giveth to collaborate with on this. wary of scope creep. excited about external teams using the DApp!!!!

Lorelei - I am excited to hear more about it, i learned a lot about what we are doing. I like the cross pollination of the culture of the 2 teams. this meeting was calm and focused.

Quazia - Very Excited! Bounties and rewarddao for aragon.js and CLI will be the first step. we can try to avoid your actual roadmap until we have a set team, and work on peripheral tasks that you dont have time for... eventually we will have more user perspective

RJ - great to go into it with such flexibility, it'll look diff 4 months down the line! excited to see the evolution

Alexa - its exciting to have this time together, the cross pollination!

Tatu - Excited to be working with everyone and to share the mission and evangelize together

Maria - this is one of the most interesting things i've ever participated in, rewriting the future of organizations. many independant teams rather than one huge one!

Satya - The vibe has been good, we are a great match for collaborating, we have a piece of paper that we agree on.

Derek - Roadmap sounds open, eventually it will be more obvious, diversity of teams is great. Documentation is my focus, and I can help

Organizational tools

Google docs
Appear vs. Jitsi (jitsi has great livestreaming option), use OBS to livestream Appear mtgs. This means that a vid person has to be present at the meeting in order to make this more complicated livestream happen? anyone with youtube credentials can make it happen. Learn OBS!! Its worth it. Where do we stream mtgs? On giveth or aragon? Kris proposes on giveth transparency. Vojtech proposes it should have it's own channel. for the core devs call stream it on aragon channel. If we host it ourselves, jitsi will work way better (not drop livestream). Aragon dev ops person may be able to help with this.

Action Items

Task Assigned to Timeline
Develop idea of legal support: how does Aragon foundation legal team back this DAC? Maria&Luis
Bridge our two chat rooms (first bounty!!) rj says talk to kay - it should be a very easy one hour thing! Type a message in riot and it will show up in rocket, and vice versa. We are not totally locked into rocket chat. There's something really valuable in having channels that don't belong to one organization. It's riot's best (only?) strength Griff&Kay Right away!
Fleshing out design, integrate some of these notes into the doc Lorelei&Griff upcoming week
Hiring! Quazia&Griff
Getting the donation to us. Move assets from estonia to switzerland. Maria&Luis next week or week after is good timing for the donation.
Settling on call sched. Bi weekly was mentioned for Devs, then all-community. Who leads the dev call? Its generally an aragon call, but we can switch off who's leading. Can do like etherium foundation call: put items on a list doc before and then anyone can moderate (although consistent moderator is more efficient) Quazia and Brett for dev, Kris and Tatu for Labs/comm Next week
Decide when we would like to make this DAC public. 2 opportunities: 1. when donation is made 2. one year? (seems to be group buy in for earlier option) Kris proposes that we do it in three months with a first medium post when there is something to talk about.
Need a Logo for DAC Jouni or Adri start process this week!
Handbook for DAOs later