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Giveth video content Strategy


The following video formats(in terms of content) are currently being produced by Unicorns: - IRL Team meetings (quarterly - RT: ~130min) - Government Meetings (weekly - RT: ~60min) - Show and Tells (sporadically - RT: ~30min) - Team talks (sporadically - RT: ~20min) - Giveth Daily (daily - RT: ~7min)


There has been a dramatic rise in volume of production of video content from Giveth DAC without properly thinking about an overall content strategy.


Use the tools and opportunities we have to develop a serious video online presence, focusing on tapping into unused potential and a stricter distribution concept

List of channels

  • YouTube: main
  • YouTube: transparency
  • Wall of Fame
  • Future forks of @eduadiez Campaign video uploader

List of tools

  • Streaming video conferences via Jitsi
  • Recording from desktop, webcam, smart-phone
  • 1 Mobile HQ streaming setup
  • 2 Full cinematic setups

Factors of opportunity

  • Individual Unicorns seem to be very comfortable with recording and streaming video
  • Acceptance of using video technology to convey a message is very high
  • A policy of radical transparency is applied to documentation

Untapped potential

  • Interview interesting people in the Ethereum space (this was spun off into its own project - for collaboration pls PM @gelee_royale)
  • Let YouTubers host show on our channel and distribute through their network
  • Be more political: ie. pro democratic initiative concerning the Catalan revolution (a great deal of sensibility should be applied for this kind of content)
  • Be a strong supplier of ethereum and blockchain related information, especially concerning upcoming changes explained in a relatable way.
  • Be a host of study for students of solidity

Distribution concept

Curated video content (official tutorials, documentaries, conference videos, explanation, branding) -> Giveth main channel

Important live-streamed content (governance meetings, circle talks, show&tells, team-meetings) -> Giveth Transparency channel

Short, uncurated content (giveth-dailies, reward DAO) -> https//

If you make a tutorial and don't have admin access to our youtube channels, please post them with your YouTube account and PM @gelee_royale or @krrisis ... we will add your video to our 'Giveth Tutorials' playlist

Increase high quality content on main youtube channel by introducing new formats (in development)


  1. Choose the most appropriate channel

    Media are constantly evolving ways to convey information. Because we are largely a community of developers in a cutting edge field, we really use many of the most evolved forms of conveying information: - Web applications - Websites - Social Media - Videochat - Group chat (momentarily Slack - preparing to migrate to Riot)

    Giveth DAC produces a lot of information and everybody producing or distributing some kind of content is invited to ask themselves these questions:

    **Who is the intended recipient of my information?** - Mostly: Is the info only relevant for Giveth DAC or the world? (Slack vs. Wiki vs. Youtube vs. WOF)  - if it is good, unique, content it maybe has relevance beyond your initial intention - **the best place for your content might actually be the Wiki!**
    **What kind of medium should I use?** - A piece of information might be more suited to one medium than another. Maybe the info makes most sense as a text post, a photo-blog, an animated GIF or mixed media.
    **How can I convey my information, so that the recipient is informed clearly and in an impactful way?** - It is not easy to get everything right with video. One should prepare. It takes practice and there is a certain technological barrier. On the other hand, videoblogging is an accepted, modern way to present and people tend to be less judgmental when it comes to slips, errors, etc. - it certainly has a positively humanizing quality so if you can manage - don't be too critical about yourself.
    **Hyperlinking** - Yes, the hyperlink! The shortcuts on the road that brings the world to us and around our dominion. The hyperlink is our friend. We should use it at every opportunity, especially to **link to us from outside** and **cross-link** our own bits of information.
  2. Practice the art of engagement: Both qualities of information: form and content are highly relevant for recipients and make the difference between: ignorance/interest and understanding/misunderstanding.

    Great content: - Strives for precise elegance in form and content - Removes resistance and triggers progress with the recipients

    Setting aside content created for transparency reasons, these qualities should be kept in mind.

  3. Stricter quality policy concerning audio: Audio is hard to get right - even for professionals, everybody concerned should think about quality improvements they can make on their recording/streaming setup, like using a better microphone/headset every time they think it will be streamed.

    This policy should be handled even stricter if the content is hosted by somebody else, so use a headset for podcasts, youtube shows, etc.