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This page explains some of the terms commonly used within the Giveth system.


A Campaign is a action focused minimal entity that allows Fundraisers to collect Donations for a project. The donated money can be withdrawn from the Giveth system through Milestones. The funds donated directly to a Campaign are locked in the Campaign and the Giver can no longer withdraw them.

Campaign Reviewer

The function of a Campaign Reviewer has been integrated as a safety feature to protect Givers from fraudulent Campaigns. The Campaign Reviewer can reject completion of any Milestone and can, as a strong security measure, even cancel a whole Campaign. For the MVP the list of Campaign Reviewers is limited to Giveth trusted addresses.


A DApp is in the context of Giveth the 'Donation Application', which is the Giveth platform. It also refers to a more widely known meaning - 'Decentralized Application'. The Giveth DApp is decentralized as you can host your own instance, in the future it will be possible to just open the compressed html file from decentralised storage like Swarm.

Decentralized Altruistic Community (DAC)

A DAC (pronounced D-A-C) is a delegation focused minimal entity within the Giveth system, allowing users to create a community around a cause. A DAC is created by a single Delegate who has the power of delegating the DAC's funds to any Campaign they find best fulfils the DAC's goals. The money donated to a DAC can be re-called by the Giver at any time.


A Delegate is an administrator of a DAC he/she created and is the only person who can delegate donated money from the DAC to a Campaign.


A delegation is a process where a Delegate transfers the money from his/her DAC to a Campaign. The Giver who donated to the DAC and whose donation has been delegated has a certain amount of time (by default 3 days) to disagree with the delegation and cancel it. If no action is taken, the delegated money will be locked in the Campaign.


A Donation is any non-zero amount of Ether that a user of the Giveth DApp sends to a DAC, Campaign or to a Milestone.


Ether is the currency of the Ethereum Project blockchain which we are using to build our system. Ether is used in our system to both give money to Causes and to pay a small fee (Gas) for any transaction that happens in the process (these are transaction fees native to the Ethereum blockchain, Giveth will never charge any fees whatsoever).


A Fundraiser is an administrator of a Campaign he/she created and is the only person who can create Milestones and send the donated money locked in the Campaign to these Milestones.


Gas is the measuring unit of a mechanism inherent in the Ethereum Project]( blockchain, responsible for weighing the validation of a certain transaction with miners. ELI5: If you spend more gas on a transaction, it will be validated quicker. When sending a transaction it can run out of gas (gas-limit), possibly resulting in the transaction not being mined at all. Please see current recommended gas prices and general info on


A Giver is any user who donates money to a DAC, Campaign or to a Milestone. In the future we plan to allow users to give money directly to a Milestone.


The term Giveth refers to the open-source donation system developed by the Giveth DAC. You can find more information on our Website and our Github Page.

Giveth DAC

The Giveth DAC is a Decentralised Altruistic Community working on developing, maintaining and promoting the Giveth system.


A Maker is appointed by the Fundraiser to a Milestone within the Fundraiser's Campaign. The role of the Maker is to make sure the state and/or actions described in the Milestone are achieved.


Milestones are created within a Campaign by the Fundraiser. The purpose of the Milestones is to provide a secure, transparent way of withdrawing the Campaign's donations from the Giveth DApp to use them for the purpose set in the Milestone description. The funds donated to a Milestone are locked in the Milestone and the Giver can no longer withdraw them. However, should the Milestone be cancelled, the funds are returned to the Givers.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

The MVP is a minimal version of the Giveth system that has all the basic functionalities a Giver and change Maker would need. It is also called MLP (minimum loveable product) by some community members. You can read more in the MVP chapter.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

The Giveth Proof of Concept application was the first DApp developed by the Giveth DAC. It is often referred to as the Milestone-Tracker and can be accessed on Currently it is used by the Giveth DAC to fund and track the development of Giveth. The system is no longer being actively maintained by Giveth and in its current version only works when called in Google Chrome with an Metamask extension that has an active account on the Ethereum main-net.


A Reviewer is appointed by the Fundraiser to a Milestone within the Fundraiser's Campaign. The role of the Reviewer is to confirm that the Maker really achieved the proposed goal or action described in the Milestone. Only after the Reviewer's approval the Milestone funds will be paid to the Spender.


A Spender is the final recipient of funds from a successfully completed Milestone.