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DAC Toolbox

This page acts as a description of the tools used within Giveth that we feel are important to realize the basic operation of an efficient decentralized community.

We always aim to streamlines processes and transfer between tools if it increases transparency, security, usability or means being able to change a tool for an open-source alternative.


The Giveth community mainly communicates through these platforms: - (Integrative work chat) is currently the recommended option for joining the community - Slack (Team based work chat) was the first platform used to start-up the creation of Giveth DAC. However, since Slack does not offer a price model for large communities, we already started migration to Riot. Currently all public rooms are bridged between Riot and Slack.

Documents and Files

The Giveth DAC uses cloud-storage services for transparent document management. Most of our working documents are hosted and shared with Google Drive. Additionally we run our own Sanstorm installation for more sensitive files and documents.


Currently we are evaluating loomio which looks like an excellent open-source solution for decision-making, polls and votes.