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Team Organisation

Governance & Circles

Giveth DAC is organised into four different circles to better manage the requirements of the many different engagements of the Giveth DAC. Each circle is appointed a lead person as final decision-maker.

Those four circles and their leads are:

  • Governance - lead by @griffgreen
  • Communication - lead by @krrisis
  • Product Development - lead by @vojtech
  • Social Coding - led by @quazia

For more details, please see our governance model


The Giveth team is ever growing and very dynamic. It may be easy to lose track, so this table should help. The members in bold are working full time.

Name Slack Handle Expertise
Adria @adria Smart Contracts, Security
Ariel @arielrae
Alan @alanborger Graphics Designer
Arthur @quazia Smart Contracts Dev and more!
Barry @barrythewhitehat Smart Contracts, Security
Faffy @faffy_dee
Grace @grace Startup Consultant, DACs & Campaigns on-boarding
Griff @griff Community Manager
Jen @justjen Team Organisation
Jordi @jbaylina Smart Contracts
Jason @jsteele Smart Contracts, Fullstack Developer
Kay @gelee_royale Audio & Video, Website, Wiki
Kirch @kirch Finance
kkx @kkx
Kris @krrisis Public Relations, Social Media
Oz @oz Blockchain engineer
Perrisology @perrisology Fullstack Developer
Ricardo @3esmit
Satya @satya Fullstack Developer
Vojtech @vojtech Fullstack Developer
Xavi @xavivives Fullstack Developer
Z @zdenekkuncar Interaction Designer, UX


Please note that this information may be outdated and the reference is this Google Spreadsheet.

Role Purpose Responsible Member
Backend Development Provide data caching, manipulation and blockchain integration for ui Perrisology
Brand Identity Create and maintain Giveth identity Grace
Community Lead Getting the Community actively involved whenever possible. Griff
Culture Align and protect the values and ideals that identifies the Giveth community. Ensure purpose drives community actions. Grace
DAC Identification and onboarding Identify, engage and develop potential DACs to be part of the gIveth mvp Grace
Dev Ops Lead allow users to access our dapps Perrisology
Devteam Reporter Facilitate, document, and report devteam activities and decisions between dev leads and stakeholders. Oz
Documentation Oversight and quality control for documentation on the Wiki, tutorials, video creation Kay
External Communications: Public Outreach, Social media Presenting Giveth and reaching out to the world on different social media platforms and blogs Kris
Finance To make sure we have enough money to build this thing and that everyone is reimbursed Vojtech
Frontend development Make blockchain interaction possible in the browser in the most user friendly way Satya
Internal Comms Lead To make sure the relevant people obtain the pertinent information Griff
Legal Lead To oversee the creation of the legal structure for the our DAC as needed Griff
Product Definition What we are building, what is the end goal? Vojtech
Quality To make sure our product and its different parts are up to the very high standard. Vojtech
Recruiting Lead Recruiting talented contributers. Oz
Roadmap Identify and develop a plan that includes all the milestones required to launch, further develop and maintain the Giveth platform Grace
Smart Contract Development Develop, test, document and wrap to be used the smart contracts in the platform. Jordi
Strategy Lead To define the best course of action for the Giveth Platform in general Griff
Team Organization Setting up a system to organize the team, using Holocracy and setting up of burocratic processes like the reward Dao and the SMART milestones. This happens in ongoing exchange with Griff. Jen
Team Structure Lead To ensure order to our DAC core team and community so that everyone knows who is responsible for what Griff
UX Find out how we can best accomodate users' needs and translate that into the dapp Z
Website Create, maintain, administrate Web-ressources for Giveth Kay
White Paper Lead Write technical white paper we can be proud of. Socialize drafts and gather ideas from other circle leads. Oz

Online Meetings

The Giveth community meets regularly online for video conferences:

Giveth Governance Meetings

This meeting is structured following the example of holocracy governance meetings:

  1. A meeting Facilitator and a Secretary are determined before the meeting begins, the facilitator moderates the discussion and the Secretary takes notes.
  2. Everyone checks-in by voicing their goals for the meeting and revealing momentary personal distractions.
  3. A meeting agenda is created. Agenda items are always proposals for new Policies or Roles described by 3 words or less.
  4. The meeting facilitator goes over the agenda and for every item:
  5. The Proposer describes the tension and in one sentence makes a proposal. The proposal should in general be creation of a circle, role or policy.
  6. All the meetings participants may ask clarifying questions about the tension or proposal.
  7. The topic proposer repeats the proposal if there were any questions.
  8. All meeting participants in turn express their reactions.
  9. After the reaction round, the topic proposer can amend their proposal.
  10. Any meeting participant can object to the proposal.
  11. The topic proposer can amend their proposal and if there are no more objections the topic passes.
  12. The Secretary summarizes the meeting.
  13. Everyone in turn checks-out by expressing their opinion on the meeting.

Circle Meetings

  • When: At different times each week
  • Where: Best to get the current info from the respective chat channel
  • Historical Meetings: Giveth Transparency Channel on YouTube
  • Description: Every circle holds one meeting per week

Weekly fireside chat (not mandatory):

When: Once a week tba. Where:


You can see what Giveth is up to on Google Calendar, or on our TeamUp page. - Publicly Sharable Version -

To import the calendar to your favourite calendar app use the link below: webcal://

Offline Meetings

Quarterly, most of team meets in person at a dedicated team meeting or a very big conference. The list below shows our past/future events.