Design meeting 01

Giveth Weekly DAPP Design Meeting **Date:** Monday May 13, 2019 - 7pm CEST 7pm CET Time at **Total Meeting Time Allocated:** 45 min **Present:** Josh, Marko, Michael, Griff, Kris, Bowen, Dani, Andre, Kay **Volunteers taking notes (rotating):** Josh/Michael **Agenda:** Check In Purpose: check-in to see how everyone is doing, what’s distracting them, intentions to get out of the meeting. (Distractions, Intentions) Assign Notetaker: Michael, Josh, Griff all 3 going wild!!

Meeting output Griff - let Marko go wild on design. Would like see what we can do on the macro and micro. Josh - how can we best split resources to find optimum output Michael - get started with the design process, its long overdue! We can assign these issues… but its nice to have a little space to understand what a new dapp looks like! Dani - Excited to see reinvgoration. Currently liason between users, builders. Figuring out how to make later sooner. Andre - Wishes to see the big picture and establish a balance between issues now and later. Prioritisation. Excited for first perspective Kris - here to witness kickoff and figure out how it will work. Wants to see clear roles and that involvement from dapp users is heard. User testing. Wants to see a process. Doesnt wanna see the exercise stop at some point. Wants a roadmap… Kay - excited to get moving again as current design is not suitable for the users. Execution side of things for web redesign and some other bits. Up for figmas with marko. Marko - great to hear how all our intentions align and roles as well. Some structure as well is needed. Intentions the big picture and what actions items are necessary. Wants to see a list of actionable items as first step. Bowen - he likes to watch. Just interested.

Design Big Picture Requests user perspective of the big picture re Giveth 2.0 Griff - The thing to remember that transparency isn’t something you need a blockchain for, but the current system. The current actors aren’t incentivized by transparency. Eg. sending money directly. Can use the amazing realignment of incentives that blockchain provides, and no space needs it more that the non-profit world. Dapp to allow unique governance system. Create new systems that relia incentives where they get something in return.. Allow the old and new systems to work together. Current systsem doent work with traceable systems. Transparencey ruins it. They wanna be middle men. Would like to be a gateway to bridge towards the real world in the charity space. Wants to see new governance systems emerge through a risk averse method to realign incentives. Enabling new types of organisation to happen. Marko - Is it one product or a set of products that work together? Griff - anti-platform - don’t really understand this idea of browsing causes - indiegogo users have their page where they request funds.. The whole browsing between is less important. Unfortunately I do see it as one big platform and with a lot of things that plug into it. Original DApp - whenever people creating a proposal? A token was created - we need the railroad tracks (the DAPP) and the train is goverance part - gets hard to integrate the governance into the DAPP. Does governance really easily. Dani - the future of Giveth and how the Dapp can fit into it - the global exchange of value. Use cases - love matching work - that people have work and do people believe in this work and as people show up to pass energy around, while enabling “people and planet.” Creating connections and enabling the visibility of “current-sees” Redesigning the DApp - the governance part of it - this group of people used - token ecomonics - how they put that energy in and what happens as part of it Kris - what Griff I agree with very much - browsing less important - your page is what matters - people see themselves on giveth think Giveth will do the marketing, but actually we enable the space but its their campaign - unique selling proposition - in an accountable and transparent way - the DAPP has become too complicated - disable a reviewer; don’t like it because it removed checks and balances (aka need to abstract user experience). Final point - simplicity - is what makes the product attactive - pretty understand the flow. Need to look again the minimalist side - accountable and transparent fundraising and this is where we do that Josh - a proposal framework - common stack - an agile proposal system - propose the work they wish to undertake. People need to be enabled Bowen - many it easier to help people to make those processes easier Bowen - adapatability, enabling fluidity around the patterns and processes of users in a variety of communities. Dani - Visualisation of the “current-sees”: Donations->decisions made->outcomes Griff - Dapp is train tracks. Governance is the engines. Giveth has no value without the governance. Traceable blockchains can be done a million ways without blockchain. ADAPTIVE governance is our value proposition that us apart. Michael - Gov processes around the dapp are most important. Transparency and accountability give the value add. Open data is often an afterthought, where as in the giveth dapp its baked in to the whole process - thats interesting. While using a blockchain backend, its not a blockchain thing - its just the usable tech of today - it could be any technology. Its infrastructure for connecting people together without requiring permission from any one so you can spend your time on the cause. We want simplicity for long term success. We’re currently at apoint where its largely feature creep and spaghetti code, we need to reduce things. Kris - clearly defining the scope & essence of the DAPP - we are more than the future of giving - easy for us to stay on track - having a good scope of what the DAPP and what is the impact and transformation we want to see in the world Dani - tracks and the train Andre - very excited about the whole concept of decentralization - the transparency and security this platform can bring - someone can develop some real with any involvement of a middle person can bring - the future of code needs to be decentralized (without restrictive process like getting a new card or the banks intentions) **Marko's Questions:** **1) What do you think that we now and what is missing? Everything from idea to all these modules?** **2) What values do we have and which do we not have?** Griff - we have been saying the DApp is core feature complete - what have traceability - what is missing is actual transparency - hard to see the flow of the funds - redesign with a certain set of features - need audits on our code - complete code overhaul - it is a mess - fix one thing it creates another bug - smart contract could be optomized and maybe we don’t need all that flexibility in the smart contracts. Biggest thing is what we need is a fresh start. Original Dapp has been built for devcon 2. Clean slate - what we want? Kris - agree with griff - have accountability - user flow simplify - sometimes too complicated at this point - start from scratch and build the use cases from there - other point - its the moment to do a complete code overhaul - also want to build from scratch Josh - defining the feature and user stories - user model - user flow diagrams - sequence diagrams - user journey mapping Marko - while we preparing the 2.0, take from the existing developments and enhancing the current the Dapp. Goal to finish the review. Griff - also have a Giveth wiki Kris - too many layers and campaigns. **3) Action Items** * Review of the DAPP * Create a Milestone, then/either or Campaign Share documents, ideas within the Google Drive Design Folder (create a google doc. With ideas from website) Content, messaging we communicate on the Homepage (work with Kris) * User modelling (stories) * Journey mapping 2-3 hours - Creating a doodle (Marko) * Defining a feature list * Sequence diagrams of kept list * Design some workflows * Define the steps as we go * while we preparing the 2.0, take from the existing developments and enhancing the current the Dapp. --------------