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Giveth Community Meeting #77

Month 04th, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Attending Griff, Lorelei, Bowen, Kris, Kay, Jeff

dropped-in: Dani left-early: - toggled-off: -


Kris - video Jeff - video Kay - calls with cool people about Berlin-blockchain-week Lorelei - video Griff - Family time, decentral-, commons-stack-stuff Bowen - Decentral, Dogecentral, audio and other planning



Evolving the Unicorn DAC experiment


Scarcity affects Unicorn DAC in a bad way. Forms unneccessary overhead for everybody.


Take away the Unicorn DAC layer. Centralize delegation more and appoint somebody (Lorelei?).

Clarifying Questions

Q: What would you do if Griff decides on a certain number that is half of what is needed? A: Like it is now, but would still reduce overhead. Q: How does it serve the idea of the Unicorn DAC? Would be better to put it on pause and instead donate to campaigns directly? A: Don't feel that spending time on going to the sheet and available brainpower creates any extra value and also does not increase decentralization. Q: Proposal is similar to putting it on pause until scarcity on budget is not as heavy? A: Correct. Q: Should we make a Loomio about ideas that involve less administration and overhead? A: Feel free.


Griff - Do not see how this proposal addresses the problems that are addressed.

Kay - DApp needs to be the main focal point. Not supporting proposal like this as it does not.

Dani - Pause Unicorn DAC or do it in a slightly modified version. Sad about this and imo everybody should share burden of administration.

Bowen - Understand Kris' and Griff's position. Sad that it is not fulfilling at the moment, but important thing to do to. Would like to evolve the experiment.

Jeff - Removed from experiment, but always thought it to be valuable. Abstain from the vote because lacking hands-on experience. Would like to see pain points addressed, but maybe not like this.

Lorelei - See value in proposal. People would know how fast milestones are filled. Strong about worker's rights. Feel this would be a value and strategy shift. Function can only be replaced, but should come with a whole set of policies that are more geared towards traditional work modes, policies and sanctions. Would not take on that role.

Amend and Clarify

Good discussion to have. Some feedback from Kris: We have more eyes on it, so we get to collectively judge on things - getting the positive about this. Bias still there, but hidden, remaining in the social layer. Dissatisfaction should surface at roles meeting. Because of time shortage people might tend to not read milestones completely. Self-management has for sure improved by Unicorn DAC.




One proposal took the whole meeting. Always important to talk about Unicorn DAC.


Griff: Nice to talk about Unicorn DAC. We should have more meetings on Unicorn DAC and roles. Kay: Thanks for proposal even if it was tabled. Bowen: Had not greatest feeling in the last weeks, so important to talk about it. Jeff: Good talk about interesting experiment. Dani: Should schedule next Unicorn DAC meeting ASAP. There should be no bias, it should be kept in check. Injustice needs to be addressed. Lorelei: Think conversation and proposal is valuable. Appreciate discussion. Kris: Thanks for listening and thinking it through. More roles meetings please. Don't need a Unicorn meeting too fast.

End of meeting