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Giveth Community Meeting #71

May 2nd, 2019

Attending: Josh, Danibelle, Marko, Gus, Torob (no mic)


Dani: Emergent facillitator :)

Josh: Emergent host Random tasks from the week (see journal), intent to have a nice fireside. Distraction downloading OBS onto a new computer and getting a hackmd up to cover notes!

Marko: Stuff from the week, Josh still distracted by OBS.

Danni: Internet crash and disappeared.

Gus: wanted to get involved in social coding more and get in contact with Loie to define the requirements for the roles interface! Lost access to his Riot account :( will try to recove but may appear in a new account. Working a bit in the Aragon co-op. Working with them and they got allocated funds, needs to work on all the governance now and has thought about introducing the Giveth Dapp in that process. Marko/Josh would like to hear more about that and to join in.

Gus shared links:

Dani (reappeared): soliciting user feedback, hows the dogfood. Gathering dapp feedback and usecase information from people that are using it now. Needs to share spreadsheet with Marko. New milestone and sucessfully edited, first time thats worked! Testing the milestone process and trying to break it! Barca retreat survey is out, very tail end of may and first half of june. Thinking about that and the wanted outcomes, things to power through during retreat :))) loves hosting retreats. Started HAC, join the forum for cheesy stuff, promises all the best punnyness.


Gus: Aragon co-op was born in Berlin. Formed around token voting being a suboptimal mechanisim. Discussion around that formed the co-op. Cooperative is working to be a community experiment to learn about governance. They are talking about foundational work, no design constraints at the moment and are building a framework. Gonna be asking for a nest post legal. As soon as the coop got money, a bunch of different visions came out and thus conflict around use of the funds. Would like the Dapp to be used for fund allocation, thinking about introducing it to the proposal as a validation mechanisim. Will talk to Adam as put in contact

Josh: linking dani and Marko into proceedings from earlier Dev Jam on signalling. " mostly discussion around how to clear up repos, then clarifying and aligning on primordial scope to arrive a design constraints that will create a deliverable. Nothing was particularly decided or set in stone; ABC repo is a monolith. Then the other repos will be working space to create a very basic implementation... prototype of sorts. The general idea being to get something that is minimally functional. As a very constrained first vertical the guys are preliminarily working towards the Eth Paris story of Git Viction as it's a concrete but knowing full well that this first iteration will need to be burnt... so basically first experiments feel like they are emerging". Would like help building out user stories from Dani/Marko, will create first notes and share a link to jam on later tonight.

Check out:

Knowlege shared

End of meeting: