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Giveth Community Meeting #70

April 25th, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Attending Griff, Michael, Josh, Kay, Kris,

dropped-in: Pavle, Dani, Jeff left-early: Lorelei, Dani toggled-off: -


Loie: Building a scraper with Edu. Blocked with something?? Organisational stuff for burn afrika. Distracted so gonna step out, wishes nice fireside chat!

Kay: Still coming down from Odyssey. Lets keep the fire burning, wants to raise temprature form simmering. Creating hosting soloution. Community work. Better communications structure, feels like theres some general ingestion problems. Not distracted with intent to have a nice chat.

Josh: Fun week, writing article that summarizes Odyssey. Exploring funding opportunities. Sad that "summer of code" expired for application.

Kris: Not a lot getting done. Social sharing and comms meeting, Jeff feedback for proposal, get into doc with Dani, maybe ledger proposal filing for Giveth later this week. Distracted by lack of energy. Looking forward to get-together for alignment. Needs clarity of strategy to plan work.

Michael: Gearing up new people to the giveth ecosystem with Marko and reached out to Sergi. Both interested. Talking to Nepalis helping us with Unicef grant. Mexicans offline till may so working in parallel. They'll join dapp meetings. Will beinvolved in next sprint meeting. RJ farewell! Looing for other people in Montreal, talking to William based in London. Ukranian folks also!? Took part in funding calls, working on Ledger grant with Josh. Not distracted, depressing weather! Looking fwd to summer :)

Griff: Decentralised data now. Video calls, epicenter has a nice cut. Griff riff, curation markets meetup. Judged Eth capetown. Working on Commons Stack params and selling point (maths and narratives). reaching out to advisors. Got Jordi and Simon. Would like Trent and some others. Working on Doge central for decentral camp.

Pavle: Only thing I did worth mentioning is mentioned in Tele/riot. Talked to local company interested in Unicef BC grant, told them to build on the commmons stack becuase their idea would most likely be lame. Happened about 4hrs back. Following up on the lead. differnt easter time. Distracted by a bit of persie stuff.

Danibelle: Fights conspiratorial tendencies in bewitched gadgets. Intention to fireside chat. Week has felt deep and intense. Loves the media that gets out currently. feels awesome about being able to solve giveth problems and empowered to use her voice. getting tweets and docs out. 20 RT lots of like the last one so happy to help with getting media out in front of the right audiences. Great meeting with Marko and Dapp dev stuff and thinking engaging with funding. Strategising about dapp iterations and the. future of Giveth. Design and integration between dapp and comms. Onboarding Paslar. User feedback, working on updates as its becoming future based to give marko good data. How to build this out! New Campains; decentral and a few more drafts. Looing at roles for decentral, currently under fourty still, wants to see people engage for planning purposes. Barca retreat planning to get feedback from entire community from people with things to say about it. Please fill out retreat visioning doc. @TheOfficeMystic and @DaniGiveth/@ThePurpleDani. Would like to dial in on our hashtags

Fireside agenda

  • Point1: Ledger proposal for Giveth.
  • Point2: Ledger proposal for commons stack.
  • Point3: Comms strategy for stack??
  • Point4: Michael introduces William as potential DApp dev.
  • Point5: Dev update on Dapp/stack
  • Point6: Commons stack and Giveth boundry?
  • Point7: Comms channels for Commons Stack

Action items

Populate DApp meeting, Comms strategy alignment for Commons Stack and Giveth


Mind meld achieved!

End of meeting