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Giveth Community Meeting #69

April 18th, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Attending Griff, Lorelei, Kris, Jeff, Kay, Gilairmay, Bowen, Dani

dropped-in: - left-early: - toggled-off: Gilairmay


Kay - Odyssey, not distracted, loomios and news

Gilairmay - First meeting, helping on the DApp, here to listen in to spend more time with Giveth

Kris - Odyssey helped team3, bit through the wind but otherwise not distracted, catching up and listening in

Jeff - Odyssey, meeting stakeholders, Zarghum and Vinaj talk, Ixo relations, bit distracted by a thousand things

Dani - created first reg rewards, holding down homefires while everybody was hacking away, fuzzy and in recovery, learning feathers admin, manage camp decentral, reward DAO

Bowen - difficult last couple weeks, tools for security guard not working, on it with Jorge to fix, ton of new improvements to bridge monitor

Griff - Coordinate Odyssey, chase all the things, commons-stack campaign should be started, no sleep - much fun, lots of new contributors from Odyssey, increase devs in Tijuana, burning man stuff, no intentions/distractions

Lorelei - Judged at hackathon, finished up Barcelona headquarter to host ~15 people, move forward


  • Point1: Giveth offsite
  • Point2: Reduce delay time

Point1 Giveth offsite Late May


We did not meet as Giveth community for a long time.


We have 4-7 days of unicorn time, open it up to more people to come in after that, more commmunity development/fun time. Some people need support to get travel costs covered. Dani and Lorelei put together workshop flow, multi day experience!

Bring together Giveth team for a visioning retreat to reflect on work so far and revision our work for the future with adjustments to our goals and objectives. Have a really good time together and house warming party.

Clarifying Questions

Griff - how do you want to set the dates?
Dani - now that we have a Yes group, do a doodle poll find out latest and earliest. ideally have people min 7 days better 10-14
Loie - is scholarships being given part of this proposal?
Dani - at least to be able to creat milestones for scholarship funds


Kris - big time yes from me! travel no worries. set agenda good to make the most of it.

Kay - all for it. Timing is good for me. can my baby and partner come?

Griff - full support. I hope to stay in SA until 25th may then after that we're good. Will need to go to states by 14th min. Will commons stack be part of this off-site? i think it might co opt it a bit

Lorelei - Griff makes it seem like its more work than it is... building ikea furniture can be a team building exercise ;-) I am sooooo excited to get people to this house, as i put a lot of work to get it ready. We could also make some field trips to some of the intentional communities around the barcelona area.

Bowen - great idea, im the only person that said no... but if i can get a passport then i am good! I would love to come over.

Jeff - all good!

Guilerme would be interested in coming

Amend and Clarify

Will make a few more pieces: sign ups for contributions to the house (building before, cleaning after)
Ideally we get outside sponsorship...
Giveth community gathers in Barcelona at least 7 days open and all inclusive (except after house maxes out people set up their own accommodation) beginning in end of May ending early June.



Point2 Reduce delay time


People have to wait more than 48 hours for disbursement to happen. We have never had any problems in a year of this policy that would suggest we still need this amount of delay time.


We reduce that delay time to 24 hours after a couple weeks of a perfectly working bridge monitore

Clarifying Questions

Dani - when this 48 hour rule was created was their someone in your role Bowen checking all the time?
Bowen -


Griff - this loomio is really signaling, actual change requires a multisig vote. Underpromise, overachieve. So people aren't expecting less than 48 hour pay release since
Lorelei - its a UX thing... this is an old rule and it should get fixed... its safe so lets do it
Kris - yes lets change it
Jeff - anything to improve throughput of payment processes is good in my books!
Dani - griff's "contracts calling contracts calling contracts is really fun" made me nervous haha. in support of this. what other things have been made with that assumption in place that change of this rule may affect?

Amend and Clarify

We reduce the disbursal delay from 48 to 24 once the monitor service is up for 2 weeks without crashing.

Fireside Agenda

  • Talk more about deep dive

Interactive lemonade stand out on the street - open up the "terrace" (the garage door to the street) and interact with passersby, set them up with burner wallets, any sort of public engagement building community in the neighborhood -> could be a way to get sponsored from status or something, have somebody who wants to promote their wallet come down and be a part of the neighborhood relations

bus rental or trains to the out of the city places we want to visit

cardona - need to ask Stephan and Mark if castle will have floors and be ready to host people in June.




Griff - see ya next week!
Dani - excited to put together IRL time
Guilerme - will be at DApp meeting - cool to be here!
Bowen - always good to hear from everybody, my favorite meeting
Kris - Griff are you following up on Odyssey prize money?
Kay - so looking forward to in person. Bowen i hope you can make it!!
Jeff - good chat, looking forward to seeing everybody

End of meeting


Event in late may