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Giveth Community Meeting #68

April 4th, 2019

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Attending Lorelei, Griff, Dani, Kris, Kay

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Dani - onboarding documentation, revise reward DAO, discuss my loomio

Kay - conference in vienna and deep dive w/ griff, visit RIAT, odyssey

Kris - on train to jedi meetup right now, odyssey, team2 help

Griff - vienna, decentral cat herding, talked with Chris A re: PM for commons stack, MP blogpost on the way, Trustlines effort in Venezuela, onboarding ex-aragon Alexa, Moloch DAO stuff

Lorelei - Unicorn DAC, roles interface research, Unicorn check-in for Lorelei, Commons Stack, offline work at office - looking forward to loomio, not distracted

Updates Michael via Griff - great conference, work with Vojtech and take ownership of many ressources for DApp, more in DApp meeting tomorrow


  • Point1: Progression Designers for team analysis
  • Point2: Reward Dani for Giving to Giveth


Progression Designers for team analysis


We are far apart, there are a lot of changes within giveth, some team alignment/efficiency support could be useful right now.


External team Kris met (Progression Designers) about transformative organization building and to possibly do consultation for us. Tabling proposal at this moment.

Clarifying Questions

Griff - wasn't this supposed to be free in original proposal

Kris - yes - don't know why a cost surfaced


Dani - this opens a good discussion. team coherence is important and goals should be discussed and set.

Kay - we should do this ourselves facilitated by i.e. Dani. we should consider consulting ourselves (for crypto/dao projects and teams)

Lorelei - Dani and I have training in this area, so would love to facilitate this at deep dive.

Amend and Clarify

Tabled, would like to revisit in the future. Perhaps if they see loomio and want to offer us a free service then we revisit sooner than later. Sad that connection is money, because we he thinks we would feel really connected to them. True that we don't have the money now and also have these amazing unicorns like Dani and Lorelei.




Reward Dani for Giving to Giveth


Been asked many times to get regular reward, but resisted so far. Tendency to undervalue self. Need stability for planning and cover costs associated with development of self and Giveth.


Establish reg reward for Dani. 523 DAI per week.

Clarifying Questions

Griff - Can you say how much you are asking for expicitly.

Dani - 523 DAI. Chose that number cause it fits with other rewards and is a magical number.


Kay - this proposal has 2 things in it. Dani getting reg reward: all for it! important we keep people around and give value back. perhaps this spirals a fireside chat about how to cap our funds. Even if we say yes it will be very hard to pay Dani on time because of our backlog.

Griff - it's weird to ask for less. it seems more fare and right to ask the same 700, then use your unicorn 150 to delegate to reg rewards some weeks if you feel like you want to reduce the salary on a given week from 850 down to as low as 700

Kris - full yes. my objection is the number. Biggest problem is that her reg reward will not be filled on time like all others.

Lorelei - fuk yes on all of this. let dani have her magic number and sometimes equality isn't equity. what feels equitable and right to dani is what she should get. what griff's saying about the 150 and 700 is like what kay does with his unicorn funds each week, using his 150 to delegate directly to his reg rewards milestone so that effectively his total sum for the week is 700.

Bowen - Positive on proposal. I reduce amount of own milestones for not being around or reduced workload. Base should be 700 DAI and Dani can use milestone system to ask for less funds.

Amend and Clarify

Interesting points. Don't know which circle my reward should be in. Probably DApp circle? That would leave a venue open for using Circle funds and not only Unicorn DAC funds. Amended to 700 DAI/week, knowing that I can change it in the future.




Consulting tabled. Dani's reg rewards are approved.

Fireside chat

1 - Giveth deep dive

We have 12-15 beds. Should be able to have a nice meeting. Pending funding, we could hold one end of May/June. First week in June seems like a good fit, since flight for Lorelei and Griff out of Africa is not booked yet. We should create loomio around this to harvest sentiment from bigger group on IF we want to do it and WHEN and also WHO is interested in coming.

2 - Blockchain for social impact coalition webinar.

Was part of Consensys, but forked off into independent non-profit. Funding by membership fees. Meetup in July (New York) - they are still looking for speakers.

3 - Funding opportunities

Status of UNICEF grants and million dollar thing(Antonio)? This meeting in particular has a bad participation score. We would apply for UN grant, as a non-legal entity we would join under moniker of p2p - they are also in the process of applying for this. Seems like there is no push. Concentrate on commons stack and try to get funding that way. We were relying on Michael for UNICEF application, but status is unclear. Alibre money would go to the DApp, Nepal money would go towards frontend.


Griff - thanks. nice meeting. fireside chats are awesome

Lorelei - yeah, yeah. lots of love.

Dani - thanks. appreciation. met Lorelei a year ago. feels good.

Kris - thanks. see you later!

Kay - thanks, great meeting.

Bowen - cat named Loki is out! would love to reduce grace period for payouts

End of meeting


Giveth Community Meeting #68