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Giveth Community Meeting #67

Date: 28 March 2019 Youtube Livestream


Griff, Loie, Kris, Josh, Bowen, Danibelle


Danibelle - Radical Exchange

Was at home with the radicals. Vitalik was a great speaker, loads of Eth based submissions. We we're well represented and many noticed her. Real quality 1-1 with authors. Excersise on Game theory, built a game called fight gentrification club and won the quadratic vote!! Tannagraph signaling got brought up.

Bowen - Bridge monitor

Names in recipient fields now with Frederik, got over a weeks hurdle thanks to him yay collaboration!

Kris - Generalised

Distracted by supermarket. Intent - productive meeting Finalised WhatsDappening text and published. Then regoranised the odyssey contacts; name and cats hearding! Design meeting. Token bonding article post feedback. Danis unicorn meeting. Loads of Admin. Life ordering :)

Griff - Loads of stuff. Lost to sands of time (or the stream).

Josh - Usual nonsense.


Toggled-Off: Nobody


  • Momentum voting
  • Radical exchange


Momentum voting

Allocation of funding. DAO knows how much they have, they know how much a milestone is asking for. And supply of governance.

Those with tokens are able to allocate votes on a percentage basis. 80%, 10%, 10%.

Then time dimension gets added. 80 tokens, next day momentum builds. alpha (e.g. 0.5) * conviction (80) + time. Asymptotes out at a max.

Trigger function: Set in advance (spending limit's over time) % of DAOs funds that choice is asking for. Not a list, graph of relations between variables. If choice is passed, voting power is allocated equally


Governance/politics meets blockchain.

There was a bit of an incongruence between the groups. How we can present Giveth and tangible outcome of experiments to these people doing civil stuff. There are new folks getting into smart contracts to support social hacking.

"everything right now is politics"

How can we present our stuff to be useful to academics and get academic papers written? (Griff; rewardDAO's evoloution is possibly quite interesting. What else were you thinking of? Unicorn DAC?)

Giveths dogfooding by the Devs perhaps. Our level of success is how well we can condense and share our experience.

Commons stack is hopefully going to be more in line wth that. Taxes no longer needed if theres a hotel commons pool. Automation/abstracting away issues, huge overlap with those guys!

Alot of discussion around private ownership interfacing with public utilities.

End of Meeting