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Giveth Community Meeting #66

March 21st, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Dani, Lorelei, Griff, Josh, Kay, Kris

dropped-in: Bowen left-early: - toggled-off: -


Josh - please refer to video Kris - intention swift meeting - not too long, distracted with Tea Lorelei - intention go through my loomio, distraction - potential internet failure Dani - Intention to be quick and useful,and chim in when warrented, distractions following up with what shes doing. Consumptive rather than productive phase to speak intelligently with RadicalX. Monitoring Riot, helping peple - largely thinking about the commons and how it applies to us on reassesment of rol Kay - Distraction, hosting stuff. Did a bunch of Odyssey calls, working on narrative. Design supergroup initial organisation. Asked Lydia to make us a logo! Did some front ed design for GitFyah. Added analytics to Dapp. Ryat people, potential research funding? Possibly Gov-lab with them? Hosting, uploading. Griff - Odyssey stuff. Thanks Kay for managing, had to skip today as was networking with tabookey, metacartel and ethereum foundation face. Bora in Istanbul chat about token engineering. Looking at the legal stuff, grants, gitcoin stuff. Reviewed a grant for Adria to deploy aragn. Connected Lanski to edu to get him working on Dappnode. Following up with the Dapp and gitcoiners. Decentral stuff, bills and accounting, multi-sig tidy once I get Michaels address.


  • Point1: 1 - Unicorns are able to use ETH for Unicorn DAC self-delegations
  • Fireside chat

Unicorn DAC ETH

Unicorns are able to use ETH for Unicorn DAC self-delegations:


Unicorns have left over ETH from donations. They are just sitting around because everyone uses DAI.


Propose to allow Unicorns to be allowed make their self-delegation milestones in ETH.

We went through a loomio proposal to allow Griff withdraw ETH, convert to DAI and put it back in.

Milestone gets made to withdraw all funds, Griff does transform then has to re-delegate the funds in DAI. 75% to be swapped, 25% in Eth.

Clarifying Questions

Kay - As our funds are already delegated, do we have to send it somewhere?


Dani - I liked the orginal proposal better. Was a big proponent of DAI in the first place. Prefers the weekday exchange. No block but not prefernce.

Self delegates in DAI - generally support as doesnt like DAI sitting there.

Kris - re-do the other proposal. Trying to be consistent. Would like clear rules so in favour

Josh - uncertain

Griff - likes original proposal more (copy paste Dani). Pro choice, but the conversion between ETH and DAI creates administritive burden.

Bowen - abstain.

Amend and Clarify

Proposes keep it this way. Will make a milestone to send 75%ish of Eth to Griff, who will redelegate in DAI.




  • Bowen Show & Tell
  • Roles Meeting
  • Progresson Design
  • How do we see ourselves as an Organization?

Bowen would like to iterate on the bridge interface. Dashboard connected via metamask. Will show paymnts ready to pay out. Disperse all payments now shows to anyone, time block is only visible to security gaurd.

It currently sucks because the whole database is getting pulled into the browser! This shouldnt happen but to fix it we need to rebuild. Talked to Fredrick about bitesizing it and then bounty or milestoning it in social coding. SC has 9-10 ETH to spend, I'd like to use it to get this done through delegation! Will also solicit from unicorns to keep the ball rolling :)

Bowens off camping for the weekend. Friday payment will be done. One payment out on Sunday but might be off map!

Kris - Progression Design

Was invited to an orginsational teams thing by a coach. Wanted opinion from us. They are building a new Org and wanted to share. Is there something we can do?

They are focusing Orgs of the future, dont wanna focus on the individual its about the Org moving in an intuitive way. Have cards to evaluate the org.

Felt we are not working together enough. They have a tool to evaluate alignment vs unalignment. Flexible group working in a non hierarchial way. Progressive. Facinated with us.

They build out a organisational track so their clients thrive.

What does the doc surface? our weaknesses.

End of meeting