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Giveth Community Meeting #65

March 14th, 2019

Youtube Livestream -


Josh, Lorelei, Griff, Dani, Bowen, Michael, George, Kay, Gustavo, Adam

dropped-in: - left-early: Gustavo


Griff - p2p

Loie - p2p geeks

Josh - notes

Michael S. - Just checking in

Dani - Atlanta for blockchain stuff, reward DAO process and wiki documentation. Few github issues around that. New campaign (casta lyon). CRM poke. Detroit next week for Radical Exchange with friend. Preparation about that people.

Gustavo - been away for a bit. Offering time, back in Madrid. Helping a dev get geared up for EU grant - commons theory applied to groups working together under a legal umbrella. Doing a develper bootcamp for the next few months but will work on galaxy stuff. Working with P2p model guys. Modering a pannel at a start up event in Salamanca on the 27th, no ladies, invites Loie.

Bowen - Going through audio of several video recordings we have for a possible podcast series of one-offs. Distraction: Bridge payments to go through.

Don Adams - keeping up with progress while writing up articles


Toggled-Off: George and Michael (we forgot to establish this)


  • Point1: Roles vote
  • Point2: Multisigs
  • Point3: Replacing Vojtech on operational multisigs

Roles meting next week


Roles process has become stale so Loie would like to build out an interface with collaborators.


For next weeks Roles meeting what can we do; loomio vote. Not thursday meeting or updates/feedback required. 2-3 casual hangouts about roles next week

Clarifying Questions

Who's iniatiating roles hangout?


Kay - yeah, sounds good, awesome to have less meetings :) Reminds me of the problem of decision paralysis. You did well constructing the loomio and fine with the outcome but would like to co-create the roles interface!

Griff - I'm a bit confused by this, why build a whole website about the Roles? It would be good to look at options for tooling rather than building it ourselves? Supportive of sorting out a roles process that fits.

Bowen - Favorable of less meetings, Roles is important for ensuring that we are doing what we need to do. In favour so long as ideas are shared around and we communicate.

Dani - voted to have the hangout and will initiate a hang out. Likes Roles sheet, would like to collaborate on the soft. In favour of the time being used differently still together.

George - Hasnt ben at a roles meeting yet, doesnt know the process but seems like an exciting idea to have meetings as needed rather than formally scheduling.

Don A - Aligned with Josh and Dani comments. More flexibility around the process of rolls, updating and iterating on it. Dont want to loose existing benefits. It would be good to be vigilent to identify and salvage what is beneficial.

Amend and Clarify

Not much ammendment, my favorite option is breaking people into 1-1 teams and helping people partner, assignment.

Proposal is to have a hang out next week instead of a whole process. People are welcome to self initiate. Resume normal action next month unless there is a new decision


Proposal passed

Multi sig

Replace Yalor, Quazia and Vojtech, with Loie, Dani and Michael. Do another round to add 2 ppl next week.


People are inactive, time to swap them for quicker trigger fingers!


Loomio votes about multi-sig stuff


Less signatures, Josh & Don.

Amend and Clarify

Main multisig has no time dependent requirements. No worries about too many, so long as theres active participation. Bowen has control of that.

If theres not many people on it its harder to get sign off. New proposal going into loomio. More the merrier and team bonding.

vote is for michael loie and Dani replacing the leavers, seperate vote later.


Proposal passed.

Getting rid of Vojtech on escape hatch

Tension, he needs to leave.

Escape hatch multisig adds Loie and Michael.

Adding Loie and Michael to overflow multisig.

Adding Micael to Dapp god multisig. Ability to upgrade everything on bridge. Technical and dangerous multisig.


Josh, Bowen, Kai, Dani, George, Don - all fine on it.

Passed! (assuming Michael accepts)

Host for next week?


End of meeting

On Time!