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Giveth Community Meeting 63

Date: Thur 28th Feb 2019

Youtube Livestream


Griff, Loie, Josh, Kay, Kris, Michael, Dani


Griff - Distracted by cafe noise, intent to communicate. Token engineering thing is spinning up, sponnet, barron discussing paths forward with Blockscience, probaby a legal entity. Have people from Aragon DAC. Hired Jeorge to push the dapp forward. Called Nepal on the Dev side to do Unicef grants.

Michael - Getting Montreal event going. Working With Steve Austin Griffith. Implementing food wallet. Talking to Nepelese about Unicef and devving (loop closing). Incubator moving forward for a launch ant March29th event with giveth probably playing a hand there. Reorginising with Jeorge, communicating with Abbey about Onward labs.

Dani - Participating in Loomios, distractions with car. Hitting up Lindsey for the weekend. Cleaning up process around milestones with step by stem instructions, automating that process. Bug squashing. Reiterating with people and getting it ready for the wiki. Dropped in on Govlab workspace jammm

Kris - Creating structure for a series of calles with Jeff & Griff on TBC's, not published but learnt loads. Using it to create a new document so the outside can look in. Comms meeting and odyssey syncs etc. Milestone issues with D&L. More this week that are coming but dont know right now.

Loie - seattle, home town down time. Distracted from Giveth stuff, suditing and goig through Unicorn DAC making sure things actually went through. Loads of travel Admin for the next couple of months. Looking forward to looking at loomios.

Kay - distracted by being forgotten. Intent to have a quick meeting. Odyssey cat hearding of team 2, creating docs and communications. Diving into Governing the commons, learning about nature2.0, really great track - halfway there having built giveth! Gov circle host with loomios and Gov lab jam about preshaped policies regarding which dontations we can accept. Bit of marketing, Voijetc handoff. Added youtube stuff and admin.


Toggled-Off: Nobody


  • Prioritising issues on the Dapp
  • Skipping over: hiring George (in English)
  • Unicef Grant??
  • Entity forming (fireside chat)
  • Multisig spring clean up? (no reactions)
  • RewardDAO (no reaction round, just vote)

Adgenda item 1

Play with conviction voting. Go into loomio, change response weekly. Its a little complicated, we should hack that.


Voiject wants to step out of signer roles and wants relief from them as he's out. Spreadsheet in the loomio, many stale positions on multi-sig. Needed multisig in the past but less necessary now.

One main multisig, acts as a few things

• Donations movement (needs to be more agile) • On another 4 with different use cases • Rinkeby multisig, the liquid pledging god. Has completet control of our Rinkeby. Could completely move it to somewhere else, we have a bridge security to check and when on xDAI it'll be important. Needed to add tokens. • Escape hatch multi-sig for the bridge. Griff, Jeordi, RJ can move all funds out in eergancy. • Giveth dapp overview multisig... not sure what its for.

Clarifying Questions

How often are they needed? Not often, but there might be days where its busy.

The peole in red are peoole we wanna remove? No, they are just not doing things so yes as opinion but we need to form a chorum. Wants to reward fast people.

Is Jeorge on the multisig? Different Jeorge, from Aragon.

What kind of training is needed around this? Hard to tell as it can go from push the button to bytecode... that stuff is normally Griff and RJ though. The UI is easy.. Call functions like add token to whitelist is harder

For the multisig, there are differnt signatures, do we need all of them? 6/13 at the moment, we can change things.


Kay - Roles not souls Alex and Oz are not active and should perhaps be replaced. Maybe try reduce the number on the multisig to get a high chorum fast.

Kris - Weekend I'm less fast but I agree with Kay to reduce the less active people so I'd be happy to kick those that are not active off.

Dani - Happy to learn more. Not sure about the removal things, we should probably have a protocol to figure whos on/off

Michael - New to this so happy to go with the flow. Defer. Reducing makes sense to me, happy to help if needed but also happy not to be added.

Josh - Got exp, happy either way.

Loie - hope it speeds things up, wasnt around for the proposal. Good to help and understands multisigs.


Not a formal proposal. Thinks we should remove people that are not giveth but some people are good to have like Jordie or Adu as they are both responsive despite not being active in Giveth. Its kinda subjective.

If scared about liability take it into account as we wwill be considered a general partnership if legal action is ever launched against us


Proposal tabled

ETH and DAI regular rewards

Should we make it less strict on the DAI thing, more Eth? otherwise we gotta create a loomio to fund DAI cos we have Eth and tokens.

We dont like speculation so ETH is a bit of a tension, we like DAI. But perhaps its better to be Pragmatic because otherwise we need to do a loomio to move funds and there is opportunity cost.


Lets make a quick loomio to make this less stringent.

Most people like DAI for the same reason but we need to use.

Might add an exception policy to the proposal.


We need to hold someones hands through the process. Ahora libre perhaps.

Who'll do it? Michael, Josh, Parker, Griff.

Split? Well if we dont get it in our pockets, its fine if it pays devs for the work. So long as it gets things done.

Done the benefit for outside others before that didnt go well. How do we navigate things better this round? Nepal is a 15 yr relationship helped to spin them up.