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Description of Giveth DACs governance model


Every single person within the Giveth team is seen as a unique part of the whole, a Unicorn as you will. Unicorns don't like to be ruled or overpowered, they like to be free in their decision making. This is why our governance model is always in progress and not fixed.

As a Decentralized Altruistic Community we understand that people need time and space to develop new skills. Nevertheless a team needs some kind of organization. This is why we work with the system of holacracy but we adapt it the way we need it. We use online work-chat and have regular online team meetings to structure and organize the team.

For details on the current state of the community and a list of active members, please head to Team Organisation

If you are interested in learning more details about the actual tools we use to operate in a decentral way, please see the DAC Toolbox

Organizational Structure

Giveth DAC is organized into four different circles to better manage the requirements of the many different engagements of the Giveth DAC. Each circle is appointed a lead person as final decision-maker.

The four circles:

  • Governance
  • Communication
  • Product Development
  • Social Coding

Communication structure

As Giveth operates globally, most members far from each other most of the time, the community actively seeks conversation through online tools. We use a combination of work-chat platforms and video-chat to organize all operations of Giveth.


Keeping regular video meetings helps the community to get a strong feeling of this 'virtual headquarter' where weekly meetings assure constant updates and facilitate overlaps between the circles, or you can just meet your friends to have a chat. Three types of meetings are scheduled regularly, although everybody is encouraged to use meet up as much as they want.

  • Governance Meeting (weekly) - modeled after holacratic governance meetings - The aim is to discuss tensions and find solutions within the Giveth DAC.
  • Circle Meetings (weekly per circle)
  • Weekly, informal meetings, like Fireside chat


From the early beginning of the Giveth, the Unicorns have been highly inclusive in their decisionmaking process - integrating new and old voices alike is standard practice. Until recently those decisions have been made solely in weekly governance meetings, but in July 2018 (Governance Meeting #41) we passed a proposal for the primary decisionmaking to take place in our instance of Loomio - online decisionmaking tool instead and only resolve proposals in meetings that have at least one person disagreeing.