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Giveth is a Decentralized Altruistic Community, meaning we depend on generous Givers ourselves. If you want to help us build the Future of Giving by contributing any amount, big or small, please contact @griffgreen on Riot or donate directly to the address revolution.eth (which resolves to 0x5ADF43DD006c6C36506e2b2DFA352E60002d22Dc).

You can see the options in more detail on our Donation Page

Budget Overview

One of the core values of Giveth is transparency. We invite everyone to consult our publicly accessible expenses and budgets:

Budget for 2018

Budget for 2017

Expense Claiming

Giveth related expenses can be claimed through the Expense Claim form. If you never had an expense with Giveth before, you need to contact the team first.

The individual Circles (see Team Organization) are responsible for expenses of their members:

  • Conference tickets
  • Transportation tickets to and from official Giveth Team Meetups
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks consumed while at official Giveth Team Meetups
  • Suitable accommodation for the duration of official Giveth Team Meetups
  • Office expenses (rent, utility bills, equipment, groceries for Giveth Team Meetups)

By default only expenses with valid receipt are covered. Any expense will be judged by the respective circle lead, its value converted to US dollars (according to and then Ether (using EtherPrice API) at noon on the day the expense took place. The refund will be made at earliest convenience through Circle's Campaign on our DApp.

Regular Rewards

The members working full time for Giveth are regularly compensated. Giveth uses a dogfooding approach, so every member makes milestones corresponding to their salary on our DApp, which are then paid by their respective circles.

Currently full time Givethers are:

Name Handle Salary
Yalor @yalormewn 600 EUR / week
Arthur @quazia 600 EUR / week
Griff @griff 600 EUR / week
Kay @geleeroyale 650 EUR / week
Kris @krrisis 650 EUR / week
Vojtech @vojtech 1,234.75 EUR / week
Satya @satya 987.80 EUR / week
Perrisology @perrisology 1,620.60 EUR / week

Rewards DAO

Every second week, Giveth rewards people who contributed their time and effort on Giveth. The Reward DAO is a system where every two weeks all full time team members vote on how to distribute 2000 USD. Please see the contributors guide for more information.