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Welcome to the Giveth Wiki

Hello friend! You came to the right place to learn about Giveth!

We started this wiki in 2017 and with your help and input it's growing every day!

We invite all interested parties to build Giveth: Join the Giveth community!

Giveth website:

We are very active and keep an open Calendar where you can find upcoming events and our community video discussions.

Read about the beginnings of Giveth, our first smart contracts MiniMe, the Vault and much more on Medium.

Below you can find an intro to the Giveth Donation Application (DApp) and a lot more here. Giveth is more than the sum of its parts, so if you are interested to know about some of the other things we focus on and why, head over to our Mission Statement!

The Giveth Donation Application

Where are your donations going?

The traditional charitable system has undergone a slow evolution. It is out of date and out of touch. Too often it provides short-term, one-size-fits-all solutions that fail to address the root causes of the problems they are trying to solve.

Enter: Giveth!

The Giveth Platform is a rΞvolution in the world of charitable donation, building and empowering communities and enabling new ways to make a difference!

New technologies enable us to rethink and reengineer the distribution of charitable donations to lower transactions costs and so much more.

Transparent donations on the blockchain

The Giveth community is building a new software system, using Ethereum smart contracts, that will radically shift the way people think charity can and should work. So what if, instead of a relying on others to collect and distribute our donations, we did it ourselves.

With blockchain technology we can donate directly to the people who work to make a difference. Using ethereum you can even keep ownership of your donations, to ensure they go to places you approve of. If you disagree with an allocation of resources you donated, you can veto the transfer or even take your donation back.

We hope this decentralization will encourage creative solutions to global issues to emerge with a local focus. The methods that are successful for one group can spread virally within the particular cause. In fact, because of the open source nature of this system, successful solutions can scale across all causes. If a cat charity builds a successful governance structure, a homelessness charity can easily use it for their own needs. This is Donation 3.0.

The Giveth Unicorns believe:

  • Donating can be simple, fun and effective.
  • Transparency and accountability can be the default.
  • Every idea has the potential to make a positive impact, and it can be heard and funded in a decentralized fashion.
  • Every Donor can have the ultimate say over how their donation is used.
  • People that want to do good work for their cause can be rewarded for their actions.
  • Real change and innovation comes about when communities join together to make the world a better place.

A solution to directly connect Givers and Makers!

The charitable system is evolving and several projects are working on integrating blockchain technology to enable frictionless, global and transparent transactions. Giveth is leapfrogging this integration, taking it to the next level, enabling Givers and Makers to interact directly with each other in a safe and trustless manner.

TLDR; We are building a foundation of smart contracts to allow the creation, administration and funding of Decentralized Altruistic Communities.

Giveth will allow every DAC to use smart contracts and social media to automate many tasks and subtasks that were expensive and time-consuming before, like accounting, international fund distribution, networking across the globe and other services that needed large charity organizations before.

At the same time, DACs also enable Givers and Makers to work together to crowdsource without a central party taking a cut and deploy powerful solutions under their own chosen governance and incentive structures, to bring more impact for their unique set of resources.

Giveth's smart contracts allow donors to take any level of interest they desire. They can send their donation to a Decentralized Altruistic Community (DAC) which acts like a general category, or they can send directly to the Campaigns and Milestones they like. Either way, the Giver will be notified when any portion of their donation is used and connected to the people that are using it.

Transparency, accountability, communication and efficiency are core values in Giveth's design. Makers and Givers will be able to connect to exchange ideas and show progress on social media platforms like Slack (for now), but when other Dapps like,, Colony, and Akasha are launched, they will be integrated into the Giveth Platform for an even more powerful user experience.

Giveth is dedicated to a completely open source development process every step of the way:

  • We will never have a private github repository
  • We want to enable awesome solutions for everyone to use and improve upon.
  • In building the Giveth platform, the team uses an approach to 'eat our own cooking', a design approach where Giveth uses Giveth to build Giveth (the process is commonly referred to as 'dogfooding')
  • The Giveth core team (Giveth DAC!) has completed v0.8 of Giveth's DApp (Donation Application) using our own system. This means there is complete transparency on how the donations sent to the Giveth Platform have been used.
  • Our current DApp is still in the prototype stage and focuses on the distribution of funds to Makers.